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Smart Card Applications

Identification medium, security module, wallet, train ticket, or customer card: a smart card (or chip card) can be all of these – and more. In effect, it’s a tiny computer with a host of potential applications.
With a smart card, you can handle a variety of electronic tasks efficiently, conveniently, and securely. Smart-card technology is used in digital tachographs, city cards, electronic admission tickets, electronic payment systems, corporate ID cards, biometric passports, or health data cards. As a leading systems integrator, T-Systems leverages its own operating system, TCOS (T-TeleSec Chipcard Operating System), to develop powerful, one-stop smart-card solutions.
Where purely software-based solutions offer inadequate protection, smart cards add a physical dimension. What is more, TCOS enables multiple, separate functions and applications to be integrated on a single card.
T-Systems puts your applications on a secure footing
T-Systems advises and supports you throughout the development and production phases of your made-to-measure smart-card solution. We provide consulting, development and project-management services to address all your needs – from smart cards to end-to-end systems.
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