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T-Systems North America– Company Profile

We shape the future of a connected business world and society to create added value for our customers, employees and investors through innovative ICT solutions.
T-Systems North America is Deutsche Telekom’s business unit serving its North American corporate customers and part of the Americas region, which also includes the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.
Using a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, T-Systems operates information and communication technology (ICT) systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions. Leading companies in the automotive industry to healthcare, energy, media, telecommunications, finance, retail, services, and manufacturing industries look to
T-Systems for unparalleled technology service and solution offerings.
As the global leader in SAP services worldwide, and the experience of nearly a decade in North America, enables customers to conduct business with great efficiency and effectiveness, both nationally and internationally. T-Systems serves customers in multiple sectors and each of its business units offers a comprehensive portfolio of ICT services and solutions to address today’s business challenges including high and increasing IT costs, inflexible legacy infrastructure and applications, and time to market pressure.
Service Areas
T-Systems North America serves as a technology partner in the success of North American and global businesses looking to compete and thrive in a 24/7 global marketplace through the following core areas:
If your organization is seeking transformational outsourcing to either convert fixed IT costs to a variable cost model, or to transform applications to the cloud, or to better manage you SAP environment, or require an end-to-end service provider with a focus on innovation, or any number of transformational initiatives, look no farther than T-Systems.
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