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Zero Distance: How car manufacturers are winning back the 'cool' brand and product world of young consumers via Facebook and Co.

Collaboration is a must

Automotive industry: Back into the mindset of
young target groups with digital media
and collaboration.

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Generation Easy: Using consumer apps like Skype and Dropbox for business. Dangerous for companies? | T-Systems

Generation Easy

As easy as Skype and Dropbox:
Consumer apps for business?

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T-Systems and Daimler Rev Up IT

T-Systems Expands Relationship with Daimler to Rev Up IT

Partners Expand Relationship for Globally Connected Cars

T-Systems has expanded its relationship with Daimler to rev up IT. T-Systems will continue operating Daimler’s mainframes and key IT applications. Valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, T-Systems will ensure that mobile real-time connectivity is integrated into vehicles, as it has done in recent years. 

Best Practice Magazine

Best Practice 2-2016: Pick up the pace

Best Practice 2-2016

Digitization now! Why it's now time to get to work after the hype and why IT security has never been more important – read more in the new issue of our customer magazine
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