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Zero Distance: How car manufacturers are winning back the 'cool' brand and product world of young consumers via Facebook and Co.

Collaboration is a must

Automotive industry: Back into the mindset of
young target groups with digital media
and collaboration.

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Generation Easy: Using consumer apps like Skype and Dropbox for business. Dangerous for companies? | T-Systems

Generation Easy

As easy as Skype and Dropbox:
Consumer apps for business?

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Zero Distance!

Zero Distance!

Zero Distance! The New Proximity to the Customer

Cloud Computing, Big Data, Social Media and Mobility - these trends are changing businesses and society. "When they appear in combination, they have the power to turn our business world upside down," noted Gartner. And in doing so, they create radically close connections to employees, data and customers – something T-Systems calls Zero Distance.

Best Practice Magazine

Best Practice 2-2015: What keeps CIOs awake at night.

Best Practice 2-2015

What keeps CIOs awake at night.
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